Why a dental checkup is important to spot gum disease?

Regular dental checkups are your first line of defense against gum disease. During your checkup at Optimal Dental Center, your dentist will assess your overall gum and dental health, identify potential issues, and if needed, propose a gum disease treatment plan to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. 

Here’s why a dental checkup is so helpful in identifying and treating gum disease.

Gum disease risk factors

There are a number of factors that can increase your risk of gum disease. Age, smoking, dental hygiene habits, pregnancy and nursing, a family history of periodontal disease, and certain medications and health conditions can all affect your gum health. During your dental checkup, your dentist will gather information about your background to gauge your risks and plan prevention or treatment accordingly. 

Gum disease diagnosis

Gum disease is a progressive condition, and in its early stages might not be highly symptomatic. Regular checkups help identify gum disease in its early stages, when it’s most treatable – which is much preferable to dealing with late-stage gum disease. During your exam, your dentist will examine your mouth for signs of bleeding or inflamed gums, loose or wobbly teeth, and receding gums. They may also use a periodontal probe to examine the health of periodontal pockets and identify the progress of gum disease. X-rays may also be used when periodontitis is identified.   

Gum disease treatment

If your dentist finds that you are experiencing gum disease, they can propose a tailored treatment plan to manage your condition. If your gum disease is in the very early stages, your dentist might recommend medicated toothpaste or a change to lifestyle habits. A deep dental clean involving scaling and root planing can also help remove bacteria deep in your gum-line and reduce the progress of gum disease. If your periodontitis is moderate or severe, surgical interventions such as gum or dental bone grafts might be recommended. 

Talk to Optimal Dental Center about gum disease treatment in Fairfax, VA

Prevention is better than cure, but cure is much better than letting gum disease go untreated. The earlier gum disease is diagnosed, the less invasive the treatment – and the greater your chance of having healthy gums and teeth in the long term. If your gums are bleeding or swollen, or you are at risk of gum disease, Optimal Dental Center is here to help. Contact our team of professionals today for a routine checkup, and get the gum treatment you need.