When Should You Call For Kid-friendly Dentist Emergency Care?

Parents do their best to watch out for their children, but they cannot always prevent them from danger. After all, danger isn’t always obvious.

However, we can make good decisions to prevent the worst from happening. Dental emergencies happen far more often than we might expect. If you find your child in a dental emergency, it is essential to call for a kid-friendly dentist for the best results.

Below are a few instances in which a parent might seek kid-friendly Dentist Emergency care.

Toothaches: Toothaches are common in adults and children alike. A kid-friendly dentist in Reston, VA, offers Virginian residents the best services to children during these instances. They will discover the root of the problem and prescribe pain care and preventative care to address the situation.

Knocked-out Teeth: Dental avulsion, otherwise known as a knocked-out tooth, is common in children who frequently play sports, participate in athletic practices, and do workouts. Children may forget about their safety if they are too focused on the game, resulting in knocked-out teeth. Reston kid-friendly dentists repair knocked-out adult teeth and broken teeth caused by dental avulsion.

Broken Teeth: A broken tooth is also known as a crown fracture. Crown fractures are quite common in children who are still learning about spatial awareness. Broken teeth should always be cared for, especially when your child is small, because they can lead to more severe injury and pain. Emergency dentists in Fairfax, VA, offer immediate help to restore the child’s tooth before it dies or severe pain happens from an exposed nerve.

Severe Tooth Pain: Children can experience severe tooth pain for various reasons, and sometimes those reasons relate to dental emergencies. Tooth pain in children may be caused by dental neglect, such as indulging in too many sweets or forgetting to brush their teeth regularly. Sometimes, parents react more severely than their children to dental neglect! Children might not even notice they have an issue before it is too late. In any case, it’s best to let dental experts, like Optimal Dental in Fairfax VA, handle these issues before they get any worse.

Bitten Cheek, Lip, Or Tongue: If the child has bitten their cheek, lip, or tongue, Optimal Dental suggests cleaning the bite gently with water and using a wet towel to reduce any swelling or bleeding. If the bite is severe, a visit to kid-friendly dentist emergency care might help. Deep bites may need stitches or antibiotics to fully recover.

Loose Tooth: A loose tooth is quite a natural occurrence during childhood. However, if a child’s adult tooth is loose — or you have any other concerns about their teeth — visit a kid-friendly dentist. Dentists can determine whether your child’s loose tooth is natural or might need extra care. Emergency dentists in Reston VA will look into whether your child’s gum is correctly forming, whether they may have gum damage, or whether you have nothing to worry about.

kid-friendly dentist emergency care isn’t always necessary, but the above instances are often signs you may need extra help. In those instances, be sure that you have an emergency kid-friendly number or contact information on standby. You’ll thank yourself later!