The 3 Ways Your Child’s Dentist Can Help Them Overcome Their Fears

The 3 Ways Your Child’s Dentist Can Help Them Overcome Their Fears

To ensure that your child goes through life with good dental hygiene practices, it’s vital to create positive associations with dental check-ups. Children who are comfortable at the dentist are more likely to attend routine pediatric dentist visits – which means they’re more likely to have good overall dental health.

If your child is nervous about attending their first dental appointment, don’t worry. An experienced pediatric dentist will help them feel safe and relaxed in the dentist’s chair. Here’s how your child’s dentist helps your child overcome their fears.

1 They provide a child-friendly environment

Traditional clinical spaces may be scary for small children who are new to the dentist. That’s why great pediatric dentists make the effort to create a welcoming, kid-friendly environment that helps your child feel at home. Colorful design, a child-friendly waiting area, and treatment rooms full of entertainment and distractions are great ways to put kids at ease. When your child is surrounded by their favorite characters and animals – or distracted by an educational TV show they love – they’ll start to feel that this is a place they “belong”.  

2 They respect your child’s feelings

Early childhood dental visits are about getting your child used to the routine of visiting the dentist. Even showing up and sitting down in the chair is a great start when it comes to baby teeth care. Your pediatric dentist understands that it can take time for children to get used to the idea of visiting the dentist, so they’ll listen to your child and take their cues from the child and their reactions. If your child won’t sit still for a full exam or is uncomfortable in the chair, that’s okay. Your pediatric dentist will gently walk them through a routine visit, stopping if your child is uncomfortable, and offering alternatives such as tooth brushing demonstrations or roleplays. 

3 They use positive reinforcement

Quality baby teeth care is its own reward. When you look after your teeth, they stay healthy – and result in a smile you’re proud of. A critical part of this is attending regular check-ups. A great pediatric dentist will make every appointment a great experience by using positive reinforcement throughout your child’s visit. They might provide stickers or small prizes or offer smiles and verbal affirmations throughout the visit. They might even play games or offer ways to help child and parent get involved in the visit. This will help your child creative positive associations with the dentist – and will encourage repeat visits.

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