Importance of Pediatric Dentistry and the Purpose of Regular Care

Early pediatric care is critical to creating a lifetime of good dental health. Visiting your pediatric dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning can help avoid tooth decay and cavities – and identify any issues early.

Even children as young as one can benefit from a visit to a pediatric dentist – especially if their first teeth have erupted. This first visit, known as a “well baby” visit, is designed to help young children familiarize themselves with a pediatric dentistry setting, and create positive associations with the dentist. During this visit your pediatric dentist will generally provide information about how to keep a child’s teeth healthy and strong.

These recommendations might include:

  • Avoiding sugary, acidic drinks such as juices or sodas
  • Avoiding sticky, sugary foods 
  • Learning to drink from a cup instead of a bottle
  • Avoiding thumb sucking 
  • Modeling good dental hygiene behavior, such as brushing and flossing

What to expect from a pediatric dental cleaning

For older children, you can expect more of a traditional dental checkup, although modified in accordance with your child’s comfort level. These visits might include:

  • An oral health review
  • X-rays
  • Scraping and cleaning
  • Flossing and polishing
  • Oral health demonstrations and explanations

It’s vital that your child feels comfortable in the dentist’s chair so that they learn to feel confident while at the dentist, so your visit might be adjusted depending on your child’s needs and behavior. We recommend beginning pediatric dental visits as soon as possible so that your child creates those positive associations – and is able to sit through a full dental check-up. Regular check-ups combined with good at-home dental hygiene habits are the best way to maintain a high level of dental health.  

Book your pediatric dental care appointment today

Oral health issues are some of the most common – and avoidable – health issues faced by young children in the US. Attending regular pediatric dental cleanings and maintaining good dental hygiene and healthy eating habits can help prevent issues now, and later in life. 

If your child is aged 1+, now is the time to book your first pediatric dentistry appointment, or a regular pediatrics dental cleaning for older children. Our expert team will ensure your child feels safe and confident during their consultation and will provide the information and guidance you need to keep your child’s smile healthy and bright!