Do You Need a Root Canal? Here are 5 signs

If you’re searching a dentist to perform a root canal in Northern Virginia, chances are you’re experiencing dental health symptoms. Maybe you’re worried about your teeth because you’ve fallen behind on your brushing and flossing routine, or you’ve cracked or damaged a tooth and think you’ve exposed a nerve. Acting quickly can help manage the problem and prevent further issues such as infection. 

While only a trained dentist can tell you whether you need a root canal, the following five signs can help you decide whether it’s time to call the team of local root canal experts at Optimal Dental Center in Reston, VA and Fairfax, VA.

1 Unexplained Tooth Pain

Toothache is a common symptom associated with tooth decay or damage. Whether the pain is dull and persistent, or comes on suddenly, tooth pain can be a sign you need a root canal – and a good indication you should call your top-choice root canal, Fairfax dentist.

2 Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

Some sensitivity to temperature when eating or drinking is normal. But the sensitivity should be bearable, temporary, and should generally only occur with food cooled or heated to extremes, such as ice-cream or coffee. If your sensitivity is ongoing and occurs with normal food, consider booking an appointment with your dentist.

3 Sensitivity to Pressure

Chewing regular foods or performing your regular dental hygiene routine shouldn’t hurt. Pain or sensitivity when chewing normal foods or when brushing or flossing might indicate that the root or pulp of a tooth is exposed. To solve the problem, your dentist might recommend a root canal, where the painful nerve is removed and the damaged tooth is sealed. 

4 Darkening of Your Teeth

Tooth discoloration can be caused by food and drink such as tea and coffee, and by aging. Some people also have naturally darker tooth enamel. But significant yellowing or darkening of a tooth that goes beyond the surface enamel can be a sign of nerve and blood vessel damage. If this happens, it’s time to book a root canal with us today.

5 Gum Tenderness

Red and tender gums can be a sign of infection or disease associated with tooth damage. If your gums are swelling, draining liquid or are painful to the touch, talk to your dentist to see what the best course of treatment is. This is especially the case if you are experiencing gum problems alongside any of the above symptoms. 

Attending your routine dental check-ups and maintaining good dental hygiene practices can help prevent the need for a root canal. But if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, don’t wait until your next appointment. Contact Optimal Dental Center and our Reston office or Fairfax office today to schedule your consultation.