How Dental Crowns Can Save Your Teeth and Eliminate Painful Infections

If you’ve had a root canal or have a broken tooth, your dentist might recommend a crown to “cap” or encase the tooth in question. A crown helps protect against further damage and also restores the look of your teeth. Here are just some of the benefits of dental crowns. 

Dental Crown Reinforces Your Teeth

As the name suggests, a dental crown is applied over your tooth. When in place, it helps protect your tooth from the pressures of chewing and biting, as well as from irritants such as bacteria, saliva, and food particles. This can reduce the risk of painful infections. 

Dental Crown Protect Damaged Teeth

Damaged or worn-down teeth tend to get worse over time – but the right intervention can prevent further damage. Dental crowns can be placed over treated damaged teeth, reducing the potential for cracks or further decay. 

Dental Crowns Cover Implants 

If you’ve experienced missing teeth, your dentist might have inserted teeth implants to help restore your smile. The treatment will usually conclude with a crown that covers the “post” of your implant. The result is a natural-looking tooth that blends in with your smile!

Dental Crowns Can Hold a Bridge in Place

If you’re missing one or more teeth, your dentist may use a bridge to replace them. The bridge will be anchored to the neighboring teeth via dental crown. This will allow the bridge to look and function like your natural teeth. 

Dental Crowns Improve the Look of Your Tooth

Dental crowns can help restore the look of damaged, short, or discolored teeth. They can be matched to the enamel color of your other teeth and can be shaped to create an aesthetically appealing look, reducing gaps and making your teeth more even in height and shape. 

Dental Crown is Long-lasting.

Permanent dental crown are custom-made using strong materials and are bonded to your teeth with dental cement. When properly looked after, they can last as long as 30 years.  

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