Cosmetic Dentistry: Tips for Finding the Best Dentist for You

Cosmetic Dentistry: Tips for Finding the Best Dentist for You

Having a straighter, whiter smile helps us go confidently about our day. As experts in cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax, VA, Optimal Dental Center enjoys transforming smiles every day. But we understand that choosing a cosmetic dentist is a decision you don’t make lightly. If you’re looking for the right cosmetic dentist for your smile makeover, here’s where to start. 

Talk to Friends who have Undergone Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Dental aesthetics are increasingly important in today’s world, and you’ve probably noticed friends or family members flashing new and improved smiles. Start your cosmetic dentistry search here. Ask close friends and family about who handled their teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings or porcelain veneers and whether they recommend them. Word-of-mouth is a great way to determine whether someone would be a right fit for you, and you’ll be able to ask the difficult questions like recovery time, availability and price.  

Look at Online Reviews for Local Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry involves a specific and specialized skill set, so you want to ensure you’re making a good choice. After talking to friends and loved ones, browse online reviews on Google, Yelp, Trustpilot and even prospective dentists’ social media accounts to determine whether you’ll be in good hands. Look for common themes in reviews – if certain topics or comments keep showing up, it pays to be mindful of those.

Know their Specialities and Your Desired Procedures

When choosing any medical professional, knowing that they’re skilled and experienced in your upcoming procedure is vital. If you’re looking into orthodontic treatment, a skilled, experienced orthodontist with expertise in a variety of teeth straightening procedures should be at the top of your list. For dental bonding, dental veneers and dental implants, make sure your prospective cosmetic dentist is highly trained, invested in ongoing education, and has a solid portfolio of results. 

Browse Galleries and Social Media

The right cosmetic dentist for you depends not just on the dentist’s skill and experience, but on your desired aesthetic goals. Before committing, browse your prospective cosmetic dentist’s website galleries and social media posts to get a sense of their outcomes and whether they align with what you want for your own smile. Dental aesthetics can be quite a personal choice, so make sure your dentist’s style works for you. 

Book an Initial Consultation

Know you want an improvement, but aren’t sure what to start? Make an appointment with a dental aesthetics specialist to assess your current smile for suitability for cosmetic dental procedures like dental whitening, gum reshaping or dental bridges. During this consultation, the specialist will help you determine what’s possible for your bite while taking into consideration factors like your dental anatomy, oral health, budget and any time constraints. In addition to helping you figure out a treatment plan, an initial consultation is also a great way to see whether you feel comfortable and confident at your chosen cosmetic dentistry practice.

Talk to the Team at Optimal Dental Center!

Optimal Dental Center is proud to be at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax, VA. If you’re looking to achieve a smile you want to show off, talk to our friendly team today. We’ll book you in for an initial consultation to assess your smile and explore just what’s possible for you!