5 Surprising Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

You know that regular dental cleanings are recommended for ensuring good dental hygiene and monitoring for potential issues. But did you know that dental cleanings do more than just remove plaque? Here are some benefits of regular dental cleanings you might not know about!

Brighter, Whiter Teeth:

Good news for regular tea or coffee drinkers: professional dental cleaning and polish can remove surface stains from teeth. Look in the mirror after your dental cleaning, and you’ll notice that your teeth are a few shades brighter than when you came in – and with no whitening trays involved!

Detect Possible Health Problems:

Your teeth are a good indicator of your overall health. When you visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings, you’ll have an opportunity to get a window into possible issues related to your oral health and beyond. Your dentist may even be able to identify signs of oral cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, acid reflux, anemia, and more – and suggest that you visit a doctor if this is the case.

Improved Overall Health:

Poor gum health is linked to cardiovascular disease, while healthy gums are associated with lower heart attack and stroke risk. Visiting the dentist for your routine check-ups helps you maintain good dental hygiene and gum health – and can also be a good reminder to eat well and stay active, both of which are important for overall health. 

Save Money:

Everyone is a little more conscious of their wallet these days, which may lead to people putting off or delaying routine check-ups. But prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure, which is why those check-ups are so important in the first place. Check-ups allow for early detection and early intervention, which is much cheaper than treating more advanced problems.

Get Comfortable Going to the Dentist:

If you suffer anxiety about the dentist, one way to put it to rest is through repeat visits. By staying on top of your routine cleanings, you’ll be better able to maintain good dental hygiene and less likely to require treatment, meaning that you’ll start to associate going to the dentist with positive feelings. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings with optimal Dental

At Optimal Dental we see the benefits of regular dental cleanings every day. Patients who stay on top of their routine check-ups have brighter, healthier smiles, and are less likely to need work done. If it’s time for your regular cleaning, give our team a call to make an appointment!